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باغ شهر مدولار K66 پر از تراس

This vibrant mixed use development for Ljubljana, Slovenia combines two things we love - modular housing and green space. Designed by OFIS Architects, the building may seem like one continuous, cohesive structure, but its pixelated look stems from the fact that its actually a series of 10m x 10m units stacked together like legos. The smart modular design affords tons of flexibility, and with spots of green throughout and a lush central park, who wouldn't want to live or work in a place like this?

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Garden City K66 is divided into two layered volumes – a base which will house public programs and offices and upper floors that will be residential apartments. The stepped design of the upper floors creates niches where rooftop gardens and terraces can be placed. At the base, units are separated to create open squares that intermingle with the external plaza.

Both the top and bottom volumes are divided into 10m x 10m modules, which OFIS found to be the optimal amount of space for all of the different programs (housing, public, office, service, and garage). The modular grid affords the same kind of flexibility and adaptability that a shipping container structure might. This way, the distribution of programs can change quite easily according to the needs of the complex.

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تاریخ : 89/12/10
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